Clear. Concise. Actionable.

How does campaign finance influence votes? Answering this question can lead to an intensive research project with pages and pages of nonsensical data. In this era driven by deadlines, real-time and timelines this archaic process can misinform or worse paralyze progress. So, we built LegIntel.

LegIntel is the unequivocal transparency of state government. Comprised of over two million pieces of campaign finance, testimony and legislator data, LegIntel draws a clear picture of the relationships between entities influence and elected officials.

Collect Data

Our team has compiled over two million pieces of campaign finance and legislative data resulting in one of the most robust and comprehensive databases tying legislative votes with money received.

Inform Strategy

LegIntel is comprised of numbers that tell a story, without political or historical bias. Facts simply and easily gathered and applied to ensure you’re building an efficient legislative strategy.

Deliver Results

On any given day, our clients navigate through hundreds or thousands of pieces of relevant data, quickly gleaning actionable insight into their most immediate issues.